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"You Are Stronger Than You Think"

“You are stronger than you think!” That is a motto that I live by.

My name is Marie Allegro and a native New Yorker. I was born and raised in the heart of lower Manhattan’s Chinatown. I grew up playing a little bit of sports and more tom boyish. I took up martial arts for a few years as a teenager and joined the fencing team at St. John’s University for a few years. 

My interests in fitness happened late in my teen years, at 18 years old. While visiting my brother in Arizona, my sister-in-law introduced me to Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons videos. All I could remember was that I could barely get through Jane Fonda’s warm up. But I did not let that get me down. I just tried again and until I was able to get through the whole video. Who knew that I would take to aerobic dance exercises? 

When I went back to school, I started taking aerobic classes that was offered on campus. The following semester, I asked the activities department if I could teach a few classes. I left the fencing team after discovering my passion for teaching aerobic classes. 

My first job was teaching part-time for Bally’s Jack La Lanne. I taught classes throughout my college years until I graduated. I graduated with a degree in marketing and tried that for a year but decided it wasn’t for me. 

While I was teaching during college, I met a few instructors who taught classes full time. I looked back and realized I truly enjoyed teaching and changing people’s lives. This is where my life changed and I decided to make fitness my life. 

I did not lift weights at the beginning of my fitness career because of the misinformation that I would look like a man. Low and behold, at my husband’s first bodybuilding competition, there was a class of beautiful women who looked fit…not manly. “If you lift weights Marie, you could kick some ass” my husband whispered in my ear. That was yet another life changing moment in my life. 

I entered my first bodybuilding competition in 1991 and continued until 1995, where I switched over to fitness. I earned my IFBB Fitness Pro status in 1996. During my first few competitions, I was fortunate enough to have people who assisted me during my contest preparation. I came to realize that many competitors were not as fortunate and went through their journey blindly. This is where I discovered my love and passion to help competitors (especially newcomers) look like a pro on stage. 

I have been blessed enough to have coached many fitness, figure and bodybuilder competitors since 1997. I look forward to continue coaching future competitors who strive for their dreams of being on stage. My goal is to make their journey as enjoyable and memorable as possible. I also work with non-competitors. Whether you want to get in shape for a wedding, class reunion, photo shoot or just get healthy, I am at your service. 

“You are stronger than you think!”